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TRIM & FIRM AM 60 Caps $26.95
TRIM & FIRM AM 120 Caps $37.95

Trim & Firm AM is an all-natural, very safe and effective thermogenic diet formula that won't cause the "jitters" like so many thermogenic formulas can. The product gives you a nice energy lift, while burning calories to produce heat (the "thermogenic effect").

Trim & Firm AM is the result of many months of research. Esteem corroborated with two of our nation's leading master herbalists, a well known naturopathic specialist who completed extensive research on thermogenic weight loss, a noted doctor of nutrition and author, two bio-chemists specializing in weight loss and a leading psychologist who has studied problems relating to obesity and low self-esteem for over 25 years!

Contributions of this magnitude could only result in an Ultra Thermogenic Diet product that has no equal in the marketplace. The doctor-recommended natural ingredients in Trim & Firm AM are uniquely blended and synergistically formulated of the highest quality herbs available, providing High Energy Thermogenesis and support for the adrenal gland. It's exceptional potency gives a pleasant and lasting energy lift while helping rid the body of unwanted fat starting with the very first day.

In short, Trim & Firm AM works because it was designed to work. Energy charged weight loss you can depend on!

Directions are to take 1-2 in the morning and again with lunch. Those with 20 lbs. or less take 2/day. Those with more weight to lose may try 4/day.

4 capsules of Trim & Firm AM contain:
SIBERIAN GINSENG This herb is believed to promote vital energy and clarity of thought and helps normalize body functions.
FOTI Helps the brain stay alert and is also an excellent tonic, detoxifier and energy booster, creating a feeling of well-being.
WHITE WILLOW BARK Known as an anti-inflammatory agent called "nature's aspirin". When used in the proper amounts, it is vital to thermogenic activity.
COLA NUT A caffeine containing herbal A member of the xanthine family of alkaloids. Generally the best mix of xanthine for overall health are found in yerba and cola nut.
CHINESE GINSENG Is thought to normalize various body functions such as blood pressure, blood sugar and energy.
UVA URSI Works as a diuretic and as a urinary antiseptic
DANDELION ROOT/LEAVES A diuretic. Helps the liver detoxify poisons from the blood. A tremendous benefit to the stomach and intestines.
JUNIPER BERRIES Useful as a digestive aid and stomach tonic. Primarily used for the treatment of urinary problems.
CHICKWEED Used for weight reduction. A mild diuretic that has laxative properties.
BUCHU LEAVES Aids in controlling digestive disorders, fluid retention, gas, bloating, pancreatic diseases and works as a diuretic.
GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE Cuts down on cravings for carbohydrates and helps to block sugar absorption.
CAYENNE A catalyst for all herbs. Improves circulation and stimulates digestion. Good for the kidneys, lungs, spleen, pancreas, heart and stomach.
BORON (a.a.c.) Is needed in trace amounts for calcium uptake and healthy bones. Recently determined to facilitate GTF Chromium uptake.
GTF CHROMIUM CHROMATE Is important in a weight-control formula. It sparks the action of insulin, therefore changing the brains hunger mechanism and producing a feeling of satisfaction. Chromium is very important for proper metabolism of carbohydrates and helps in the development of lean tissue and support of the adrenals when blended with other nutrients.

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