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TRIM & FIRM PM 120 Caps $31.95

Trim & Firm PM is the most effective nighttime diet formula ever developed. Its unique synergistic blend of Amino Acids and herbs helps to tone and tighten the body. They boost metabolism, curb harmful cravings and reduce cellulite & cholesterol while retaining muscle for a trim and firm body.

Trim & Firm PM diet formula works not only while you sleep, by burning up excess fat stored in muscle mass areas of the body, but it also works wonders in "melting" excess inches when taken an hour before vigorous exercise. Increasing lean muscle mass is the goal of most weight-watcher and physical fitness buffs.

  The purpose of the Amino Acids is to encourage the brain to release more HGH (Human Growth Hormone) - the key glandular secretion which has specific effects to aid healing in the body and to help control the balance between fat and muscle tissues. As we grow older the secretions of stored HGH in the pituitary become less, and do not release enough HGH. One way to encourage the pituitary to release the HGH is through exercise and by taking the Amino Acids L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Ornithine. HGH is released in approximately 3 bursts in a 24-hr period. The main one occurs within the 1st 2-3 hours of sleep.

For enhanced results take Esteem Diet Esteem Plus or Trim & Firm AM along with the Trim & Firm PM.

4 capsules of Trim&Firm PM contain:
L-ARGININE 900 MG This amino acid is needed for protein synthesis and optimum growth. An increase in muscle mass and the reduction of body fat occur in the presence of L-Arginine.
L-ORNITHINE 400 MG Helps prompt the release of growth hormone, which promotes the metabolism of excess body fat. When combined with other amino acids this effect is enhanced.
L-LYSINE 900 MG Helps to build muscle protein and also lowers high serum triglyceride levels. It helps keep the body toned and muscles tight.
L-GLYCINE 125 MG Retards muscle degeneration by supplying additional creatin. It is also needed by the immune system for the synthesis of the non-essential amino acids.
GTF CHROMIUM CHROMATE 200 mcg Reduces sweet cravings, enhances and elevates insulin levels in the body. Insulin can enhance the body's capacity to burn calories.
PYRIDOXINE (B6)  50 MG A nutritional catalyst that works with other nutrients helping them to be much more effective than if taken alone. This synergistic effect is what makes Trim & Firm PM totally effective.
FENNEL  300 MG A known appetite suppressant. It's used for acid stomach, relieves gas, gastrointestinal tract spasms, abdominal pain and colon disorders.
CHICKWEED 300 MG Cellulite and cholesterol reducer and may lower blood lipids. A good source of vitamin C and other nutrients.
PACIFIC KELP 150 MG A rich source of vitamin, mineral and trace elements. Helpful in balancing thyroid function. A rich source of vitamins, especially the B vitamins.
TURMERIC 100 MG Reduces cholesterol and is a catalyst to help herbs work.

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